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GBS Oil Tank Removal Services

Oil Tank Removal Western MA

We specialize in Underground & Basement Oil Tank Removal services. Getting rid of an underground or basement oil tank can be a daunting task, but with the right oil tank removal service, you can have peace of mind knowing your home is safe and free from environmental hazards. A reputable service will be able to handle both underground and basement tanks, ensuring their safe and environmentally-friendly removal. Not only is this essential for maintaining the safety of your home, but also for preserving the beauty of your property for years to come!

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Basement Oil Tank Removal

For basement oil tanks, once you give us a call we can set up an appointment to come and remove the tank. We will obtain permit from fire department prior to that appointment. On that day we will start by pumping any remaining oil from the tank and disposing of it properly. Next we remove the vent and fill pipes that go through the wall. Then we remove the tank and take it to a licensed recycling facility. Finally we will patch the holes in the walls.

oil tank removal
removed oil tank

Underground Oil Tank Removal

For an underground tank removal, give us a call and we can set up an appointment to come and remove your tank. We will obtain the permit from the fire department and call dig safe prior to the appointment. We begin by digging around to expose the tank, and then we pump out the remaining oil. Next we will remove the pipes. At this point we need to call the fire department and have a representative there while we remove the tank. We will also put dry ice into the tank as is required. Once the tank is removed we will bring it to a licensed tank disposal yard. Finally we will fill in the hole and patch the holes in the wall where the pipes went through.

It usually takes us between half a day to a full day to remove an oil tank.

What is a common issue you face when pulling an oil tank?

The biggest issue that arises is when an underground oil tank has been leaking for some time and has contaminated the ground around it. Unfortunately there isn’t anything you can do at this point. If the fire department determines the tank has been leaking they will notify the DEP (Department of Environmental protection) to perform a soil test.

What are a few reasons why a homeowner would need to remove an oil tank?

State law requires that you remove an underground oil tank when selling your home. Also any oil tank, underground or basement, should be removed if leaking or not in use. Many people remove oil tanks when changing to other forms of heating such as gas.

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