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GBS Demolition Services

Professional Demolition Services

At Ground Breakers Services, we offer Professional Demolition Services in Western MA. In addition to providing you with an affordable dumpster rental, you can count on GBS for the best in demolition projects. We are located in Hampden, Massachusetts, and service all over Western MA and Northern CT.  Allow us to put our years of experience to the test for you—you won’t be disappointed.

Any and all demolition projects require a permit. In order to completely remove a building structure, you need a separate permit for each piece that is being demolished. Our team of experienced excavators can help you and your family, or your business, prepare for your demolition project. First, we’ll set up a business plan to ensure that we have knowledge about what we are demolishing. Then, we’ll determine how and what tools to use when demolishing. The third component would be to execute the plan and begin demolition work.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the destruction! Contact us today for your free quote request.


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